the report writing program
for busy teachers

What is Report Rascal
Report Rascal assists primary school teachers in the production of pupil reports. Produced with teachers, for teachers, it operates alongside Microsoft Word*, delivering what you need to help produce reports quickly and accurately.

How does it work
An ideal reporting assistant, Report Rascal harnesses the power of Word, offering an easy-to-use report writing package.

Pre-loaded comment bank
The comprehensive comment bank included with Report Rascal is fully maintainable. Comments can be added, amended and graded by pupil ability and Key Stage. A search facility enables a particular comment to be rapidly located for insertion into a report.
If you currently have a set of ad-hoc remarks and observations in a separate text document, you can import these into Report Rascal's comment bank.

Report Merge for job sharing
If you share a class with one or more colleagues under a PPA or job-sharing arrangement, you can each create a set of Rascal Reports for the whole class and merge these sets into one.

Try Report Rascal without obligation
You can install a free copy of Report Rascal by download from this website. You are under no obligation to buy.

* Microsoft Word is a Registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation
Used in many UK and International schools

• Easy to use

• Large comment bank

• Free trial

• No annual fee

• School discounts